Welcome to Tepra® Lock

The name TE-PRA was launched in 1956, when engineer Torben Praestmark developed and patented
a wide variety of Industrial fasteners, and needing a global trademark. TE-PRA soon changed into the
registered name TEPRA® and has become a trademark for high quality products for the industry.

Using the family's dinner table as drawing board and working from a small rented workshop on 2nd floor in downtown Copenhagen, prototypes were created, some patents were issued.

The first real production was a range of Quarter-turn and Push-To-Close fasteners, which were marketed under the name Tepra®-Lock world wide. Considered by many as dated technology, the Tepra®-Lock Quarter-turn screws are however still found in everyday industrial applications, ranging from airplane access panels, to petrol station pumps, air-condition and ventilation systems, advertising panels and many, many more..

TEPRA® is strictly marketed world wide through a network of importers and distributors, with no direct sales to end users.

The TEPRA® Management Copenhagen.